Natasha Gural, « Peek Into The Most Grandiose Booths At TEFAF Maastricht, The World-Leading Art Fair », Forbes, 6 mars 2020 :
« (…) Marble sourced from the same ancient quarries used to build the Palace of Versailles lines the booth of private dealer Christophe de Quénetain. A homage to the Royal Chapel of Versailles took some five months to construct and a week to install, said Belgium artisan Erik Mostert. Exquisite porphyry, a dark, reddish-purple speckled stone, sparkles, but not too much. “We didn’t polish it too much,” said Mostert, explaining how his team of three people created an authentic feel. “The target is, when you get inside the room, you feel that this room has always existed, like a reclaimed room.” The opulent booth is designed to create a vintage environment for the highlights: a 17th century sculpture bronze equestrian statue by François Girardon, best known best known for his statues and busts of Louis XIV and for his statuary in the gardens of Versailles; a dish from the Calini service by Nicolas da Urbino, an Italian ceramicist from Castel Durante in Marche who introduced into painted maiolica the new istoriato style (circa 1525); and a pair of console tables by André Charles Boulle, the most famous French cabinetmaker and the preeminent artist in the field of marquetry, also known as Inlay. (…) »